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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
You must agree the between policies to use our website

Content:   Most of the content of this website is hosted in blogger itself. Although some of the contents are hosted to third party websites so you must agree theirs TOC as well.

Privacy:  We do not store any of your private information. In case of email subscription we just use your email to send our monthly newsletter and future updates. The whole email subscription process is controlled by feed-burner ( OneSignal ), so we guarantee spam free emails.

We do not control the matter when a user clicks on one of the links of third party websites. It will lead him to another website and we are not responsible for those outside parties. The privacy policies and other services of those parties are not similar to that of ours. So, read the privacy policies of those websites very carefully

Advertisement:  Advertising allows us to offer you our content for free and to keep improving our website. For us to be able to provide a free service, we could allow other companies to use cookies, web beacon and similar technologies within our Services. Such companies could collect data on the conditions of use of our services over time and combine them with comparable data collected from other services and companies. Such data could be used, among other things, to analyze and track data, determine the popularity of certain contents or better understand your online activities.

Our current list of advertisers: Google Adsense - Privacy Policy

Such parties can include their own Web beacon or Web beacon owned by third parties in advertisements visualized by ( General-knowledge.in ) in order to set and read their cookies, they can save cookies on the user's device as well as collect the user's online activities in relation to Websites and online services. The use of companies that are members of the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI), of the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) or of other equivalent organizations compliant with the NAI Code of conduct is preferred. It is possible to access to the opt-out page managed by NAI by clicking on the following link: https://www.networkadvertising.org/choices/ Please remember that the opt-out option will not prevent you from seeing advertisements. However, the advertisements offered by such companies will not be targeted on the basis of your web preferences anymore.